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Purpose of the website

This is the official website of the Left Bank Scheldt Left Bank Corporation (MLSO). This website bundles information about MLSO, the various services that MLSO offers to companies that are located or want to be established at the port on the left bank of the Scheldt, part of the Port of Antwerp, and information about the port on the left bank of the Scheldt. MLSO is responsible for the information made available via this website, except when referring to the websites of other agencies, organisations, companies, or governments. These information sources are not managed by MLSO. The authorities, organisations, companies, or governments involved are themselves responsible for the information they disclose via those websites. Hyperlinks to websites of other institutions, organisations, companies, or governments are only offered by MLSO for information purposes and your convenience.

Use of the website

MLSO strives to place information on this website that is as complete, correct, and current as possible. If you find errors or outdated information on the MLSO website, please let us know via info@mlso.be. If necessary, MLSO will do everything possible to address such issues as soon as possible. In this context, MLSO only makes the reports, minutes, decisions, and publications of the past six months available on this website. However, all previous publications are permanently available in the context of open government. You can request such information via info@mlso.be
MLSO takes the necessary precautionary measures to protect this website from viruses and computer code that is intentionally used incorrectly and other malicious actions that could damage your computer system. MLSO also strives to prevent technical interruptions as much as possible. However, MLSO cannot guarantee that the website will always be up and running or free of other technical issues. MLSO cannot be held liable for direct and/or indirect damage to your computer system, programs, equipment, and data or loss of data resulting from the use of this website or information made available through this website. 
MLSO considers any attempt to hack this website, infect this website with viruses, or other malicious intent as a crime. MLSO files a complaint about every breach.


All texts, images, logos, logos, photos, graphics, videos, and so on, on this website are protected by copyright. This also applies to the layout and functionality of this website. You can reuse texts, images, photos, graphics, and videos for private use, provided the source is acknowledged. However, for distribution purposes, you must obtain prior written permission from MLSO. This also explicitly applies to the use of the MLSO logo.


MLSO strives to continuously improve the accessibility of this website for every user. We use the principles set out in the WCAG 2.0 AA standards regarding language use and design of this website.

Enlarging fonts

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Other problems?

If you experience any problems with reading an inaccessible electronic document, you can always contact us at info@mlso.be. If you provide us with the title of the document you want, we will do our utmost to provide you with an accessible version of the document.

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