Step-by-step plans

A procedure for granting concessions

MLSO organises an inquiry when the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation (MLSO) wants to develop one or more parcels. Candidate concessionaires must submit their application within a certain period. When the deadline passes, the various applications received are evaluated and ranked in the award report based on the specified criteria. The MLSO Executive Board makes a decision based on the award report. The decision is shared with the candidate-concessionaires. 

Negotiations are then started with the candidate-concessionaires whose applications were approved by the Executive Board with the intention of entering into an eventual concessionaire agreement. Afterwards, we continue to monitor the various concessions.

What is the best way to prepare your application?

Candidate-concessionaires that want to submit a project file as part of an application are best to take into account several administrative steps that must occur before the concession is eventually awarded. To provide candidate-concessionaires with a basic guideline, we list below the various steps that must be followed during the process. The list contains the most important steps, but is by no means complete because of the differences in individual projects.

Candidate-concessionaires should notify the municipality in which the involved parcel is located and ask whether there are other approvals or notifications are required.

Project feasibility test

Before submitting a project file as part of an application, it is preferably that the candidate-concessionaire verify the feasibility at the different authorities that must formulate a recommendation or issue an approval and/or grant permission. Such feasibility tests provide a good estimate of the project’s chance of success afterwards. And, changes can then be made early on so that the best possible project file can be submitted. 

Note: this concerns the in-advance initial recommendation, i.e. an estimate. It does not replace the final formal recommendation or official approval/permission.

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Application for planning permission at the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation (MLSO)

Planning permission is only required for construction work in the Waasland Logistics Park.

This involves a consultation between MLSO, the future owner, and the government licensing authority. The effective plans are discussed, before the final application for an integrated environmental permit is submitted to the environment desk. This consultation, in which any adjustment of the plans can be requested before applying for the environmental permit, ensures we can successfully issue the integrated environmental permit without having to unnecessarily extend the lead time.

The future owner takes the initiative to make this happen. A completely new concession, or an extension to an existing concession, can be requested after MLSO has approved the assignment or extension. We ask that such consultation be arranged even when it only involves a change to an existing concession. You can request this consultation directly via the contact person within MLSO responsible for that particular concession file, by email at, or by letter addressed to the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation.

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Integrated environmental permit application

If you have a concession in the Waasland Logistics Park, you can submit your request for an integrated environmental permit after the ‘planning permission' consultation has taken place with MLSO and the government licensing authority, and after any adjustments have been made.

For concessions in the Waasland Logistics Park that already have planning permission and for concessions located outside the Waasland Logistics Park, you submit your application via (only in Dutch). Your application will be processed by the competent licensing authority depending on your project (municipality, province, or Flemish government).

The period in which you will receive a decision on your application depends on the complexity of your project. For simple projects, you will receive an answer within 60 days (this is known as the 'simplified procedure'). If this 'simplified procedure' is not possible because of a required public inquiry, environmental impact report, and so on, your project follows the 'normal procedure'. In that case, you can expect a decision between 105 and 120 days. So, it is best to take these periods into account in your further project planning.

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You will probably involve one or more external parties to finance your project. Take into account that if you wish to obtain financing from an external party where the buildings to be constructed will be collateral (mortgage) or become the property of a third party (leasing), you must obtain prior approval from the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation. You can send your approval request either directly to the contact person responsible for your file, by email to, or by letter to the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation. We are committed to answering your request no later than one month of receipt.

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Concession commissioning start date

Official commissioning is important in the evaluation of your use of the concession. This is why you must inform us in advance of the following milestones:

  • date of commissioning of the allocated parcel (i.e. when the work starts)
  • start of foundation work
  • provisional acceptance of the buildings at the site.

You can report this directly to the contact person at MLSO responsible for your project, or by sending a letter to the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation.

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