Application for planning permission at the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation (MLSO)

Planning permission is only required for construction work in the Waasland Logistics Park.

This involves a consultation between MLSO, the future owner, and the government licensing authority. The effective plans are discussed, before the final application for an integrated environmental permit is submitted to the environment desk. This consultation, in which any adjustment of the plans can be requested before applying for the environmental permit, ensures we can successfully issue the integrated environmental permit without having to unnecessarily extend the lead time.

The future owner takes the initiative to make this happen. A completely new concession, or an extension to an existing concession, can be requested after MLSO has approved the assignment or extension. We ask that such consultation be arranged even when it only involves a change to an existing concession. You can request this consultation directly via the contact person within MLSO responsible for that particular concession file, by email at, or by letter addressed to the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation.

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