Vision, mission & core values

The vision, mission and core values shine a light on the soul and identity of our organisation. In 2014, MLSO drew up its vision, mission, and core values for the first time in line with the general, statutory, and legally determined objective. These were approved by the Executive Board on 3 September 2014.


By 2030, together with its partners, Scheldt Left Bank Corporation will have optimally developed sustainable added value and employment at the port on the left bank of the Scheldt, a part of Port of Antwerp.


As a commissioned association, MLSO strives to achieve sustainable space and economic development using land policy, industrialisation policy, and subregional policy at the port area of the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation. MLSO channels the needs of stakeholders, organises appropriate measures, and engages in collaboration. 

This is how MLSO sets up an optimal context for economic development for companies and stimulates the well-being and welfare of citizens of Waasland and the surrounding area. In this way, MLSO shows that the port and parties in the surrounding area can bolster each other and thus create a base of support. 
Its unique position allows it to strive towards a balance between the interests of the Port of Antwerp and Waasland.
MLSO, as a flexible, reliable, and accessible service provider, assumes the role of:

  • Co-creator: actively create socio-economic added value in collaboration with its partners
  • Facilitator: make it possible for companies to focus solely on their core tasks
  • Communicator: inform and enter into dialogue with companies and society
  • Integrator: bring together the right actors to successfully achieve objectives thanks to its helicopter view

Core values

Our core values are the best description of how we, as an organisation, want to appear to internal and external customers:

  • Stakeholder oriented
  • Inspiring confidence
  • Substantial contribution
  • Long-term focus

These core values are supplemented within the MLSO team with two overarching values:

  • Integrity
  • Being a team player

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