8 and 9 May 2021: E34 closed in both directions for construction of definitive bridge for cyclists

On 8 and 9 May 2021, the E34 at Waaslandhaven-Oost will be completely closed in both directions. During that weekend, the contractor will install the new bicycle bridge over the motorway.

Work will start on Saturday morning, 8 May. At 6 a.m., the E34 will be closed in both directions. The highway will reopen at 5 a.m. on Monday morning, 10 May.

  • Traffic coming from Antwerp/E17 in the direction of Waaslandhaven will leave the motorway via exit 7 Sint-Anna Linkeroever and follow the temporary diversion route north of the Sint-Anna interchange. They will then be guided via Keetberglaan and Steenlandlaan to complex 10 Waaslandhaven-Zuid.
  • Traffic coming from Waaslandhaven in the direction of Antwerp/E17 will be diverted via the new flyover roundabout to the temporary diversion route north of the E34. Traffic can re-enter the motorway at the Sint-Anna junction.

Below is a diagram of the diversion routes:

(c) Lantis

In order to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, some slip roads and junctions will also be closed during this period:

  • Slip road Waaslandhaven-Oost: traffic heading for the E34 follows a diversion route via Keetberglaan and Steenlandlaan and can enter the E34 via complex 10 Waaslandhaven-Zuid.
  • Canadastraat will also be completely closed off at the intersection with Keetberglaan. Anyone driving from Canadastraat to Keetberglaan or E34 will be diverted via Kwarikweg.
  • The Keetberglaan at the Nieuwe Weg.
  • Connection of Steenlandlaan to complex 9 Melsele. Traffic heading for the E34 can enter the motorway via complex 10 Waaslandhaven-Zuid.
  • Connection Waaslandhaven and E34 to Linkeroever: traffic coming from Waaslandhaven to the E34 does so via complex 10 Waaslandhaven-Zuid. Traffic from the E34 to Linkeroever is diverted via the E17, where it takes the bypass bridge in Kruibeke and can then travel to Linkeroever via exit 7 Sint-Anna Linkeroever.

Read more about the works on the website about the Oosterweel link.

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