Green Deal: more innovative, future-oriented company sites with an eye on a natural layout

Companies and organisations paying attention to biodiversity can provide many advantages. It is not just good for the environment, it is also good for your staff, customers, and, well, why not? … your image. Which is why the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation (MLSO) jointly with the Antwerp Port Authority, DEME, Gyproc, and more than 100 other companies on 20 September 2018 signed the Green Deal for companies and biodiversity of the Flemish government. As a company at the port on the left bank of the Scheldt, do you want more biodiversity in your business park? Make sure to read on and keep an eye on your mailbox: 21st of September MLSO and Port of Antwerp-Bruges organise an info session for interested companies and organisations in the port area.

Why should your company participate in the Green Deal?

Measures that fall within the scope of the Green Deal also fall within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. And, these fall under corporate social responsibility. In addition, the maintenance of an upgraded company site is often more economical and stimulates a natural environment. Your company then also has a well-thought-out natural appearance with the label indicating it is an innovative and future-oriented environment. And, a positive image, both internally and externally. Which is what we want, right? Finally, as a company or organisation, you can count on the knowledge and extensive Green Deal network.

Why does MLSO participate?

Sustainability (people, planet, and prosperity) are paramount in all facets of our vision on industrial policy and the implementation thereof. By creating a well-thought-out natural appearance, we take part in an innovative and future-oriented environment, such as in the fully developed in the Waasland Logistics Park.  MLSO goes beyond its own efforts and partners with other companies and supports them in word and deed.

What does MLSO actually do?

With the help of the Natuurpunt volunteer organisation and the Agentschap Natuur en Bos, MLSO implemented a variety of projects in recent years: 

  • We built the Rietveld Kallo reed field where a large variety of water birds can be observed, such as diverse ducks, spoonbills, and herons.
  • Apart from that, we also constructed both the Spanish Fort reed and nature area close to Verrebroek, and the Haasop nature area between the Hazopweg and the E34 motorway with its different biotopes that vary from rugged areas to reed and ponds for, among others, natterjack toads.

We have also drawn up a nature-friendly management plan for the Waasland Logistics Park, which details about 29 ha of road verges, green spaces, buffers, and channels. In this way, interested companies can get inspiration on the available options. At the same time, they are also referred to the various points needing attention related to the options.

As a supporting partner, we want to make this Green Deal known to all our concessionaires and support them when they want to participate in it themselves.

Green Deal Study Day: Biodiversity at the port area

MLSO and Port of Antwerp-Bruges will jointly organise a study day on 21st of September 2022 dealing with biodiversity for companies at the port area in the Havenhuis (Port House).
Different speakers will speak about subjects, such as: What is the value of (temporary) nature areas in the port? Why is biodiversity important on the company premises and how do you implement it? How can the type of protection programme help Antwerp port companies when a protected species establishes itself on the company premises?

More information will follow later.

Van links naar rechts / Left to the right: Filip Vandeputte (DEME), Christa Schaut (MLSO), Vlaams minister Joke Schauvliege, Tom Rommens (Gyproc), Laura Verlaeckt (Port of Antwerp-Bruges), Sven Heyndrickx (Port of Antwerp-Bruges)

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